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Long Term Car Rental

The advantages of Long Term Rental. Get your favorite car for however long you need it. It’s simple and practical.There are several common reasons for renting a car long term:

Taking an extended trip or heading to a secondary residence for the season. Renting a car for the duration of your trip prevents you from having to put mileage on your personal vehicle and reduces wear and tear.
Working on a large, one-time project that requires a truck or van. Renting a vehicle by the month as needed is a great option.
Needing transportation while your car is in the shop. Whether you’ve had an accident or have a major repair on your personal car, a long-term car rental is a great way to get back on the road without missing a beat.


The rate / monthly rent is a fully deductible expense upon registration (compared to linear amortization loan / finance lease), an important asset in accordance with recent changes in tax legislation limiting the deductibility fleet.
Increase the ability of the company financing: cars are not registered in the company’s patrimony.
Financial risks (related to the resale value of the car, maintenance and repairs) are assumed by us, and your cash flow becomes more simple and predictable.


The monthly rate is unique and invariable throughout the contract.
The monthly rate includes:

All taxes and insurance (Fees, Taxes and Insurance)
A complete package of services:

»Maintenance, maintenance and repair
»Administration tires
»Vehicle Replacement

Contracts are adjustable: if your needs evolve, we can modify the contract during the rental period, the number of kilometers, even the vehicle type.
Contracts may be terminated at any time in advance of the contract (impossible in case of financing the credit or financial leasing).
We work with companies newly established or registered in other countries.


All operations are carried out by our staff operative, you get non-stop road assistance and vehicle replacement whenever needed. Such immobilization time of the vehicles is reduced to zero and your teams can be more productive.
Maintenance and repairs are carried out properly and on time, according to the manufacturer.